Online Slave Training Assignments

Have you been looking for a way to submit online to a strict and powerful Dom?

I am Master S and so far I'm the sole writer of these at online slave training sessions. I will gladly dominate any one regardless of physical attractiveness or gender. Keep in mind that I enjoy power exchange in it's myriad forms so as long as you are properly obedient you will please me. I'd appreciate guest writers in the future so if you'd like to try your hand at dominating a number of online slaves or if you have some questions simply contact me Here

The goal of Strictly Obey's Slave Training is to force subs into a deeper and more respectful position. Commands range from forced chastity and oral practice to humiliation and clothing selection. Assignments are provided and must be obeyed. Sluts are ordered to endure each training session even while it gets more and more intense.

Start Getting Online Slave Training Sessions

1) Create an account and sign up for the newsletter "Online Slave Training" within your profile for your commands.

2) I generally request that a new submissive complete a Slave Questionnaire so that I can more fully understand their personality and interests. Being verbose and honest is the best way to get the most out of this experience.

3) Complete one of the assignments to the right. Afterward you will need to complete a Training Report so that I can asses your progress and tailor future sessions appropriately.

Here is a recent assignment:


It seems as though a caore aspect of BDSM play which I've neglected recently is Bondage. I've always noticed a distinct deepening of the submissive trance whenever a slave is bound. Just like a collar it is a constant physical reminder of status. Not to mention that it can look exquisite which further delights Dominants without fail. Today we'll again explore bondage as a training technique.

As always strip down, kneel and secure your collar before progressing any further. You will tightly apply a gag of your choice because restricting your voice is of course a type of bondage. Since you will be bound for a period of time and I'm not physically there to make it more exciting you will turn on some intense bondage porn which you will watch while bound and set a 25 minute timer. To add another layer of fun you will tie a crotch rope around yourself. Then you will cross your ankles and tie them together, this keeps your legs spread and body exposed. Next you will prepare a rope or handcuffs to bind your wrists behind you back however before using it you will thread a rope through your ankles and attach it to your collar. Make sure this ankle to collar rope is loose, I don't want any mistakes.

Watch your exciting little video and write against your bondage. Feel the delicious pleasure of confinement and submission course through you. Don't struggle too much, we both know you want to be here. Fight it just enough to remind yourself of what a horny little slut you are. Wiggle your ass with the rope cutting it in half, try to entice your Master to come and take ownership of it. After your movie is over you may untie only your hands before cumming. I expect some part of your bondage to remain in place while you write me your training report.

-Master S