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"Whore, I want you to suck on your penis gag so that I can see your
cheeks move." I began to suck on my penis gag feeling humiliated but so aroused that I
didn't care. Lisa again patted my head like a dog and I almost enjoyed it.

All of the slaves were pulled to the series of rings on the floor. Mistress Melissa pulled downward on my leash, and I followed it to a kneeling position. I felt my ankles being wrapped in leather, followed by a lot of locks clicking shut. A quick pull of my ankles after, and I realized they were locked to the rings in the floor.

You will take this shaft in your mouth and you will work it with your mouth, tongue and throat as if your life depends on it. If you do a good job the green light will stay on. If the yellow light comes on consider it a warning to do better. If the red light comes on . . .

"The beat of the music was so loud I could feel it reverberating in my body as Jenny dragged me through the crowd, until she found a vacant table and sat down. There was nowhere for me to sit and Jenny pulled down on the lead, forcing me to kneel on the floor in front of her."

"And then I noticed one more detail: Dan was leading her over to me, pulling on a long leash attached to her throat! As they got closer I could see the wide black collar on Betty's throat locked with a small brass padlock."

I got off the chair and down onto my hands and knees. I honestly didn't look forward to eating her out, but I was trying to get into the mindset of being a maid, not a person. I mean, just doing what I was told and not having opinions. At least this way I didn't have to walk in these painfully high heels, right?

"Silly boy. These are not women's shoes. But good slaves don't question their Mistress." He felt the sting of a crop on his buttocks. Not too hard, but enough to send the message.

I scampered on my hands and knees to her
side, and pushed my nose down to her expensively shod feet. I knew better
than to let my face touch her nylons or her high heeled shoes without
permission, and remembered in time to raise my naked butt and wag it, like an
excited puppy.

She stood up and patted my head. Once again, a belt was fastened around my waist, the strap dangling between my legs pulled tight enough to make me jump, then buckled and locked with a small padlock. It seemed I would have a companion with me while I went about my chores for the day.

"I’ll tell you why. From now on, you can open your mouth for three things only. For food, for water, and for my cock. If you open your mouth for anything else, you’ll be gagged again and receive fifty strokes of cane. Understood?"

"Her scream of sheer panic, desperation and pain was broken by a huge rubber ball in her mouth and dissolved into the silence of the basement, while her captor, grunting with pleasure, began to pull her sweet little ass, which didn’t belong to her anymore, on his big hungry cock."

I promise you that will be willing to do anything,
and I do mean absolutely anything, for your mistress or master. I am going to
make sure that you are turned into the most docile and obedient little slave
bitch in the world, don't you worry about that.