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Welcome to StrictlyObey.com! I am Master S and I've built this site to not only share some particularly devious BDSM material with the web but also to help Dominants and Submissives meet and play with each other. If you have any ideas or would like to get more involved feel free to contact me Here
Mistress Scarlett 2 by Supamario132

"After a minute of that I want you to begin to put it further into your mouth and begin to really suck it off. Hold the dildo still though, I want you to bob your head up and down."

Mistress Claire by inri2k6

"I've already thought of some wickedly devious tasks to put your obedient mind and body through, but first I shall teach you some basic rules. As I said before, you will always be down on all fours, and will crawl around whenever you will be required to move."

"Whore, I want you to suck on your penis gag so that I can see your
cheeks move." I began to suck on my penis gag feeling humiliated but so aroused that I
didn't care. Lisa again patted my head like a dog and I almost enjoyed it.

All of the slaves were pulled to the series of rings on the floor. Mistress Melissa pulled downward on my leash, and I followed it to a kneeling position. I felt my ankles being wrapped in leather, followed by a lot of locks clicking shut. A quick pull of my ankles after, and I realized they were locked to the rings in the floor.

You will take this shaft in your mouth and you will work it with your mouth, tongue and throat as if your life depends on it. If you do a good job the green light will stay on. If the yellow light comes on consider it a warning to do better. If the red light comes on . . .